• Two year Associate degrees from Community Colleges
  • Four Year Bachelor degrees (including collaborative 2 + 2 programs with local institutions, where first 2 years are completed in Sri Lanka)
  • Masters in Science, Arts and Business
  • Doctoral in all disciplines
  • Post Doctoral
  • “The last few years that I have known and worked with Dissa and Priyanthi, they have exceeded my expectations. They helped to bring in record number...


    “We were quickly impressed by their knowledge of the US educational system, but even more so by their ability to ascertain whether a Sri Lankan stud...


    About Us

    Scholarships for USA was inspired by the experience Priyanthi and Padmasena Dissanayake faced in gaining college admissions for their daughter, Sashikala Dissanayake in 2001. After nearly one year of exhaustive research, with valuable time and money spent on what bore little results, Sashikala was admitted to Concordia College Minnesota, with 100% financial assistance (including a student loan). Following her noteworthy academic performance and conduct, the International Student Director mentioned that he would appreciate more students of her caliber to join Concordia College. Priyanthi agreed to bridge excellent local youth with the college, provided they were offered the same financial support received by Sashikala. Thus, Scholarships for USA (PVT) LTD began as a homegrown operation run by parents to assist other parents who were looking for affordable higher education options in USA.

    After 10 years of experience and nearly 150 student admissions to date, not much has changed from the initial principles of inception. Scholarships for USA (PVT) LTD now specializes in the most efficient admission process where admission decisions with maximal financial aid are gained efficiently, saving hours of energy and resources spent on college searches. We pride ourselves in maintaining one-on-one relationships with both our local clients as well as our US partners which enable us to match students to affordable universities of their choice in the shortest time possible. The professional standards we maintain in both selecting students from around the Island as well as our selection of US partners based on their academic reputation and offer of highest possible financial aid for international students has led to a long standing record of visa success rates and high partner/client satisfaction.

    Future of Scholarships for USA

    After raising awareness of the accessibility of US higher education throughout Sri Lanka by providing equal access to applications for all socio-economic classes of Sri Lankans, Scholarships for USA (PVT) LTD plans to make as many Lankan youth global professionals as possible within the foreseeable future.

    We hope to see Lankan youth capture the global industries, empowered by US education. This will earn Sri Lanka its deserved place in the global economy and entrust our future in to the hands of the next generation who can hold their own in any international sphere thanks to a sound education.


    – To make US higher education accessible to the largest possible number of Sri Lankan youths.

    – Assisting outstanding Sri Lankan achievers access the maximum financial aid available from partnering US institutions.

    – Initiating collaborations between Sri Lankan institutes of higher education and US Universities and Colleges.

    – Establishing 2+2 collaborations that enable Sri Lankan students to complete 50% of course-work in a Sri Lankan institute and gain an internationally recognized degree from the partnering US university/college.

    – Paving the way for US higher institutes of education to set up off shore campuses in Sri Lanka to create a knowledge hub attracting students from all over South Asia for internationally marketable education.